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Conversations and writing

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Sounds and paint and writing with Jude Cowan Montague

"Jude Cowan Montague is the person that first asked me if I’d like to write some articles on people that I know in the local experimental music and art and sound scene in mainly the area of London that I currently find myself existing in as well as possible considering the corona infringements. I figure there must have been considerable trust involved or faith or thoughts of something along the lines of well I’ll let him have a go and if he’s no good then I’ll tell him to stop."

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Emerging from lockdowns with Emilie Newman

"I came to writing this article about Émilie without really wanting to do an introduction first as I’d seen some of her work prior to this and I became so enthusiastic about it that I just thought I don’t really want to do an intro thing, I just want to get on with talking about Émilie and her work and her lockdown stuff but then I thought no you should do an introduction thing first like usual as even though you know her maybe other people don’t and you’ve done introductions for other people in your previous articles so at least try and stick to a standard. I think introductions are necessary really anyway for accurate beginnings."

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Sound making and sound mental health with Robbie Judkins

"I didn’t really know Robbie Judkins when I first saw him play as his Left Hand Cuts Off The Right (LHCOTR) project. It was at New River Studios, so many years ago that I can only approximate the time and say plenty. Maybe ten years or something but I’m still guessing. And now I think it’s inaccurate to say I didn’t really know him, because I bought one of the tapes he was selling afterwards and just said yeah cheers. I think I would have used some more conversation if I knew him a bit, so I’ll say I didn’t actually know him, as when I think about it, that’s a more accurate word for describing if I knew him or not. "

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Walking then sitting down with Gardyloo SPeW

"I did a contact communication with Gardyloo SPeW because the name kept being prevalent and noticed by me in my social media things that I use although mainly the blue coloured one. It made me aware that she knows people that I know as well and I then also recalled how perhaps periodically we’d actually met in the real life social arena of the experimental music performance scene but I don’t remember speaking much or we might have said hi or something similarly smalltalk or maybe not. My memory gets cloudy easy so I asked to meet and talk to make it not cloudy."

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Low frequency talking with Andy Page

"I wanted to write an article about sound artist Raxil4, sometimes known as Andy Page and to get it started I figured I’d best do an introduction that detailed where or how we first met. I realized I could still write an article even if I didn’t know him personally but I already knew him so stopped realizing that and moved on to remembering that we first met at a Soundfjordevent up in Seven Sisters round about 2008. It was a small performance sound show and tell event that also involved talking to each other and drinking things."

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Balancing masks and livestreams with Jasmine Pender

"While the lockdown thing has been going on I been finding entertainment and solace in what other people that I know have been doing with their time, either in an artistic capacity or just in a capacity that keeps your mind occupied and the darkness at bay until another idea for an activity comes along and makes you busy again. But mostly the art and music stuff and as such I’d noticed that Jasmine Pender had branched further out into the arena of facial attire that she’s explored before with deep listening eye masks that were made to drown out your eyes while listening to her Rotten Bliss project."

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Talking twice with Tigersonic

"I’ve become acquainted with Felix Tigersonic via my useful method of saying hello at social gatherings involving like-minded musician shaped artists making sounds for each other and for occasional members of the unsuspecting public. We seen ourselves most often at the similar events of Linear Obsessional and Scaledown. Maybe at Hundred Years Gallery but I’m not sure I’ve played or she played or we both played or we both watched others play. I can’t remember anyway. "

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A true story interview with Sam Enthoven

"Sam Enthoven is another person involved in the London experimental music and arts scene that lockdown lately has deprived me of periodically meeting and so I used this article writing exercise as a reason to contact him with ideas of comparing his recent experiences with mine and finding if we have travelled common routes lately. I used the social medias for the contact and subsequent discussions."

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Talking with Alex Monk two metres apart in real life

"I’ve known psyche folk musician Alex Monk for about 15 years but I don’t know why I consider that to be relevant. I needed a sentence to write as an introduction to this piece of writing derived from communicating with Alex and that first sentence seemed to serve that purpose. I may delete it if during the course of writing the piece I find something else that is preferable but I also might forget and just leave it in."

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Harmergeddon in my room – Livestream thoughts

"I contacted audio visual performance art duo Harmergeddon using a common internet messenger service and asked them some questions on the subject of livestream performance which they responded to.  I then felt able to write this article with Harmergeddon lockdown livestream quotes interspersed with my thoughts after watching a live performance of theirs on the internet in my home."

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The slate pipe banjo draggers – thoughts on finding ideas in lockdown confines

"I’ve been spending a lot of time staring into space, or actually I’ve been thinking about staring into space, when I’ve actually just been doing something else. Something more constructive. Although I’m not saying that staring into space isn’t constructive, it has a time and a place. Especially now, in these times since the lockdown began. I thought, or the thought appeared to me, I didn’t have the thought, or I didn’t make it occur. It was just there and I noticed it. "

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