Further slate pipe banjo draggers music is on bandcamp and soundcloud

the slate pipe banjo draggers - ten bewildered reason musics in 2020

collection of ten pieces made during coronovirus lockdown in late 2020.

10 tracks. 44 minutes and 24 seconds of music.

featuring guest vocals by simon stephenson and joanna mccormick

the slate pipe banjo draggers - eye songs 2019

twelve pieces made from 2017 to 2019 using Ableton Live music software in the style of experimental, found sound, outsider, dub, dance, field recording, improvisation, lofi, electronic, ambient, noise, drone.

review here

the slate pipe banjo draggers - ongoing seclusion pieces

collection of pieces made during coronovirus lockdown 2020.

18 tracks, 84 minutes of music.

short films for some of the pieces are on the video page

the slate pipe banjo draggers - sedimenters

music made from 2013 - 2016 by the slate pipe banjo draggers
field recordings and found sounds collected from london, yorkshire, and majorca using mobile phone and minidisc recorder
the slate pipe banjo draggers use a bailey guitars custom 1 string midi bass : www.baileyguitars.co.uk
thanks to tina rowe, manuel barrio, javier silverio, claire pettifor, darren kemp, simon stephenson

crab artwork by claire pettifor

review here

the slate pipe banjo draggers - powder cagers

"The Draggers are a London based project of Andrew Rowe with a cast of revolving musicians, instrument makers, and beer drinkers. This mix of field recordings, homemade instruments & toys have a lo-fi ragged grace, combined with a subtle, ambient high art aim of a Nurse with Wound. There is a sense of fun and wonder present that is lacking in NWW, however, which makes the experiments all the more satisfying. This sounds like a record made by a group of drinking buddies with a great understanding of improv." 8/10 -- Mike Wood (17 April, 2007) Foxy Digitalis

the slate pipe banjo draggers - seafo od recip es

2019 Interview about Seafo od Recip es with Andrew Ciccone on the Navel Gazers blog here :

'The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers actually sound like their name; one gets the sense that a few home-made noise generators were mishandled and/or abused in the making of this CD-R. Seafood Recipes plays a like a catalog of modern electro/post rock/noise maneuvers, and I mean that in the best possible way. This is not some Tortoise-like belly-crawling muzak. A more accurate comparison would be Third Eye Foundation; opener, Alpine Sin Balloon, combines that sense of foreboding - skeletal rhythms, moody guitars and screaming nightmare distortion, with big beats and skittering percussion. The spirit of the late great Muslimgauze is resurrected in the trippy ethno pulse soundtrack of The Filth of Britain, and may as well throw Nurse With Wound into the mix, too. The Banjo Draggers have a penchant for exposing the beauty in dissonant washes of distortion, samples, tinkling toy pianos, plaintive guitars, etc, and to their credit, they do it with invention and style. The results are not always pleasing, but then this stuff is as informed by industrial horror as shoegaze bliss. The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers conjure wailing walls of distortion that invoke fearful cringes and hypnotic lulls, often at the same time. 7/10 -- Lee Jackson (27 June, 2006). Foxy Digitalis

further slate pipe banjo draggers music is on bandcamp and soundcloud