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Andy Rowe is a sound artist, producer and musician who lives and works in London. He has worked with sound in a professional and creative context since 1996 and gained a degree in Sonic Art from Middlesex University in 2009. He has displayed work in Coventry's Herbert gallery, London's Hundred Years, Raven Row, Chalton, Art and Escape, Horse Hospital, ToandFor, and Doomed galleries.

Andy Rowe’s sound, music and performance project is known as the Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers. He has performed live at festivals and events in England, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and Italy both alone and collaboratively.

The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers solo live incarnation involves an always developing, constantly changing selection of Pearlcorder T2020 dual mini & micro cassette players, Walkmans, dictaphones, mixers and effect units. The sounds created during each performance are drawn from an ever-growing collection of found and prepared tapes. Lost answer phone messages, language and self-help tapes,  corporate dictation notes, discarded personal recordings and music cassettes are mixed up with prepared loops, drones, field recordings, found sounds, pulses and effects. Video projection using found and self shot Super8 film often accompanies the performance.

His artwork explores the potential for making art from found materials that present themselves during everyday life and re-evaluates discarded items for their artistic possibilities.  These art pieces manifest as both physical paintings and sculptural items but also draw from previously discarded audio artifacts and recordings to produce an ongoing body of work.

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